Ottograph Design Academy

My aim would be to teach my students about design principles like the visual elements of design, line, shape, texture, colour, balance and contrast. The idea is to have group discussions on assignments. The students will be given an assignment for example how to design a logo, based on the design principles that I have taught. A lot of learning takes place in a studio setting where each student’s project is critiqued in a positive way to ensure that their design abilities are developed. The students will learn the process of creating new fresh ideas via brainstorming process. Talk about the ideas and how to improve on them. This will all be with a sketchbook and colour prencils. I believe the Brain hand connection is a vital process in the developing stages of any idea. The aim of the course will be to establish creativity and develop good design skills rather than  technical skill (computer skills) development. If the basic design skills are in place it is easy to learn how design programs work and apply well developed design skills.


In addition I am considering to take the students for a walk in the real world (A Mall for example) to become aware of and appreciate the design elements in our environment. It will also teach them to critique and analyse design and to really observe the world around them. A group talk and an assignment will be completed. The idea is to stimulate your creativity and your ability to create something beautiful in terms of design because it is your passion.


As a group we can re-think design, design brands and get to know the value of design. Once you know that you will be able to sell your design skills and even make a living out of it.


To sum it up, the design course is an academic background of design and the understanding of design to develop you as a thinking designer that can provide value to your clients / friends / family. It is not a technical skill (computer skills) development course at this stage.